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How Long Does A Mediterranean Cruise Generally Last?

How Long Does A Mediterranean Cruise Generally Last?

The length of Mediterranean cruise will typically vary with cruise lines; the type of cruise and more importantly, where in the Mediterranean you’re looking to visit. In general, such cruises can last anywhere from three nights (short cruise) and go up to 17-nights for grand Mediterranean cruises.

Cruises limited to only one country such as France or Italy, are usually short in duration while exploring numerous destinations increases the duration of the cruise. Grand Mediterranean cruises, that explore both the eastern and western Mediterranean, allow a traveler to see and experience more of the region tend to be the longest in duration.

Cruise companies such as MSC Cruises, Silversea Cruises and Royal Caribbean International for instance offer specialty cruises to regions such as the Greek Isles, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands with varying packages lasting from three to fourteen nights.

Due to the multiple possible destinations, and the number of companies sailing the region, there are many ways to tailor a cruise to a specific area within a timetable that suits your holiday plans.

Is There A Good Time To Take A Mediterranean Cruise?

Is There A Good Time To Take A Mediterranean Cruise?

The majority of companies offer Mediterranean cruises from March until December, with only a handful of them offering a round the year service. However, its worth noting that the peak season starts in May and extends until September for the southern Mediterranean. Whereas for the eastern and western Mediterranean, this ‘sweet spot’ is between May and August.

The climate for most the region is considered subtropical. Depending on the country, summers range from warm to hot and winters being mild to cold. A common thread however is the chance rainfall in most if not all of these areas. Therefore, the best time to cruise the Mediterranean is dependent on the preference of the of the traveler.

If one prefers the chance to enjoy the beaches and watersport but does not mind the larger crowds, a lot more children and chances the weather could become very hot, then summer would be ideal. Conversely, those that prefers smaller crowds; cooler weather and/or the greater chance of finding cheaper deals then the spring and fall months would be more suited for them. There’s nothing better than sitting in cool weather, sipping on a delicious fruit smoothie made with an onboard food processor such as the Breville BFP800XL.

The summer months also gives one the opportunity to experience celebrations such as the Cannes Film Festival, Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix. Similarly, during fall or spring, one could experience the Les Voiles de Saint Yacht regatta in Saint Tropez and the Umbria Jazz Winter Festival held in Ovrieto, Italy.

Disclosure: We advise speaking to a financial advisor prior to booking a cruise; to ensure that you’re financially stable if stranded or during an emergency abroad.