Places To Visit – Africa

Places To Visit – Africa


Tunis – The La Goulette port is actually not located in the capital Tunis but is only a short drive away. Tunis offers an interesting mix of Arab and African cultures. Its what one would term as an unusual marriage between ancient and modern atmosphere.


Port Said –Located in the north of the country, Port Said serves as a link to the capital, Cairo.

Alexandria – Alexandria is the largest port in the country; located towards the west of the Nile delta.


Casablanca – Casablanca is the most popular destination for cruise ship passengers who visit Morocco. One of the more popular excursions while at Casablanca is that of the Hassan II Mosque.

Tangier – Located in the north of the country, visitors can experience not just Tangier’s rich history but also its blend of different cultures.

Agadir – If beautiful beach resorts interest you, then Agadir is an ideal stop in Morocco.