Places To Visit – Eurasia

Places To Visit – Eurasia


Istanbul – This large port, located on the harbour at Istanbul, is a very popular stop for eastern Mediterranean and the Greek Isle cruises. The city’s urban lifestyle gives visitors the opportunity to do and see a lot with cruise liners usually staying in port for two days.

Izmir – Izmir is a modern town located on Turkey’s west coast. Apart from the shops and cafes in the area, major attractions here include the Konak Square and The Agora.

Kusadasi – Beautiful marina close to the ancient Roman city of Ephesus.


Ashod – The port of Ashod is the popular gateway to the holy land of Jerusalem (approx. 70 km), Tel Aviv (20 km) and the resorts cradling the Dead Sea. Even without excursions to one of these more popular destinations, there is still plenty to do at Ashod. For starters, one could visit its famous museum.

Haifa –The third largest city in Israel, Haifa, has large malls for shopping and plenty of small shops and cafes which go rather well with its hilly terrain. The German Templar colony is a popular visiting spot for travelers here.


Valetta – The port at Valetta is the gateway, for cruise passengers, to the small island of Malta. Malta has a unique landscape and architecture that have appeared in films such as The Gladiator. A visit to Malta is a great way of exploring the extremes of civilizations; the old city as well as its more ultra-modern side.


Limassol – The harbor is situated on the Akrotiri Bay in the south of the island. Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean and is noted for the friendliness of its citizens and flavorful cuisine of the place.


Beirut – The port of Beirut is only a short walk from downtown with its many shopping areas fine Mediterranean cuisine and monuments and places to visit.